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Pet Promotions

Let’s have fun in Chiayi with your furry kids!

Traveling with furry kids is one kind of love for them. From now on, stay at Anlanjie with your furry kids is available. → Double Suite Room (contain extra cleaning fee) weekday $2500 weekend $3000 → Quad Suite Room (contain extra cleaning fee) weekday $4000 weekend $4500 → Double Suite Room and Quad Suite Room is available. (Backpack Room isn’t suitable for the activity) → Please make reservations 3 days in advance by Tel, E-mail or FB message. → Booking online or booking on the check-in date is not acceptable. We apologize for any inconvenience. → It’s limited by small and medium sized pets (under 15 kg). Please prepare pets supplies on your own. → Please use pet basket if leaving the room. → If pets attack others or are noisy to impact on other guests or violate the regulations, Anlanjie has the rights to have you check-out earlier (If the severe influences comes, Anlanjie won’t refund room fee.) → Anlanjie has the right to revise, change and stop the activity PS 1: We’ll pre-Authorize for guarantee deposit (one day room fee). If the pets cause severe damage or stains, we’ll inform you and deduct the guarantee deposit. If the damage is much more serious, we’ll charge you extra loss expenses. PS 2: The guide dogs aren’t in the regulations, but the guests should inform Anlanjie in advance. Thank you!


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