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How to have fun in Alishan — Go hiking

Several days ago, we had a guidance lesson in Alishan with Mr. Huang. First, we rode the tourist-friendly minibus to Zhushan Service Area, then we went up to Mt. Ogasawara Viewing Lot. After that, we walked along the Zhushan Footpath and went downhill. Through Mr. Huang’s detailed introduction, now we know more about Alishan! 😊

Don’t feel sad and regret not going with us, since we’ve made some itinerary route plans for you. There’s two main aspects to the topic. We’ll start with the basic one, and then talk about the advanced one. People can choose which one is better and suitable for you.

lBasic → General passengers

1. Zhushan Footpath(890m)+Zhushan Forest Road(total length 4000m)( 1h40m/one trip)


◎Route: Entrance→Zhaoping Station→Zhushan Footpath→Zhushan Forest Road→Mt. Ogasawara Viewing Lot

◎Elevation: 2,488 M ◎Introduction:

There’s a 360 degree viewing point after reaching the summit. Visitors are able to overlook the magnificent landscapes of Yushan (Mt.Jade). Now, it has become the popular place not only for sunrise, but for stargazing. If you’re lucky enough, you may even find the trace of Mikado Pheasant and take pictures with it!

Overlook Yushan

Routes of Tourist minibus

The trail to Mt. Ogasawara Viewing Lot

More extensive scenery here

Knowing more about Yushan from the instruction 2. Shuishan Trail(total length 1,600m)( 1h10m/one trip) ◎Illustration:

◎Route: Entrance→Zhaoping Station→Shuishan Trail→Shuishan Giant Tree ◎Introduction: Walking along the old rail, you’ll smell the fragrant of wood dust. There are Japanese Cedar and Taiwan Cypress standing along the both sides. After arriving at Shuishan Station, you can see a platform and a railway bridge made by Taiwan Cypress leading visitors to Shuishan Giant Tree around 2,700 years old.

Following the direction of the arrow, and you’ll find the Shuishan Trail.

Advanced→ Passengers in good physical strength and have sufficient time 1. Duegaoyue Trail (total length 1,700m)( 2h25m/one trip) ◎Illustration:

◎Route: Entrance→Zhaoping Station→Duegaoyue Trail→Duegaoyue Pavilion ◎Elevation: 2,444 M ◎Introduction:

Every November and December, it’s the tranquil and peaceful secret place to enjoy the autumn colors. People who love photography never miss it! The total length of Duegaoyue Trail isn’t too long, it’s in steep slope, though. Therefore, we categorized it into the advanced one.

Duegaoyue Trail is on the right side.

Refer to the instruction to know more.

Let’s go!

2. Tashan Rail(total length 3,500m)( 2h/one way) ◎Illustration:

◎Route: Entrance→Zhaoping Station→Sister ponds→Tashan Rail→Tashan Viewing Lot ◎Elevation: 2,663 M ◎Introduction:

At the Tashan Viewing Lot, visitors are able to overlook the splendid landscapes of the whole Forest Recreation. On account of the steep slopes and long length of the trail, visitors who would like to challenge yourself must well estimate physical condition and have adequate time. ◎Have you ever heard of the legend of Tashan?

Da Tashan is the holy mountain of the Tsou Tribe. In the legend, it’said that people whose spirits would be taken to Da Tashan after dying if they did good things; on the contrary, if people who were evildoers would be taken to Xioa Tashan after dying.

Tashan Rail Entrance

Refers to the instruction for more information

Among all the routes, which one do you like? Why not enjoying the forest moment now?! Please well estimate your own physical condition before heading to Alishan. Don't push yourself too hard if you’re not feeling well.😉


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