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Five Stars in Guanghua Community

Itinerary content

***April-October only***

(About 8-10 Hours)

Gathering at Anlanjie Hostel

Head for Guanghua Community (Ding-ben A頂笨仔)

(Please contact with the driver if departure time is altered.)

There are abundant natural ecological resources in Guanghua Community.

What is so-call “Five Stars” in Guanghua?

1. Stars in Sky.

2.Eyes of White-Faced Flying Squirrel (白面鼯鼠) are like stars in the trees.

3.Fireflies are like stars on the grass.

4. Jack-o-lanterns (Mycena chlorophos 螢光菇) are like the stars on the ground at night.

5. Deep-Body Shovelnose Minnow (Onychostoma alticorpus鯝魚) are like the stars in the water.

🌑Car Fare: NT$ 4200 (Round Trip) *For 1~6 people *Excluded meals and tickets


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