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Old History Of Chiayi-Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park

Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park An ex-distillery that is comprised of well-preserved alcoholic beverage-making equipment and facilities. The vintage old Chiayi Distillery, once Taiwan's premier maker of the sorghum-based kaoliang liquor, was given a second chance to serve the public after being renovated and converted into Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park in 2009, one of five such parks in Taiwan.

Chiayi Distillery was established by the Japanese in 1916 to produce sake and other products. After World War II, the distillery received by Monopoly Bureau of Taiwan Government and start to repair the buildings.

The iron bars of the red brick wall were nailed to avoid the intensification of the cross section after the earthquake

There are 21 buildings in the complex, with an intriguing heritage-treasure bounty of bottle washers, packaging machines, scales, conveyors, barrels, and other equipment on display. With the info boards around the side explain what the machine is use for.

Packaging machineThe distillery also preserves several historic buildings, seven of which were completed before 1937, including a two-story brick storage house with a roof made of cypress wood. The buildings offer a peek into the architecture influenced by modernism at that time.

Although the distillery ended operations in 1999, some say there remains a light aroma of liquor in the air at the park. Under the renovation plan, some spaces became exhibition halls, rehearsal rooms, performance venues and shops, while a major part of the original distillery spaces are preserved to display the traditional wine-making process.

It is designed as a national hub for innovation in traditional arts, with a specific focus on southern Taiwan. Signature local art forms such as koji pottery and both wood and stone sculpture are promoted. Browse the vibrant market-style array of offerings for sale at the many stands set up by artists, artisans, and private cultural-creative enterprises. Other promotional stands of note are operated by the National Palace Museum Southern Branch and the Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum.

Sorghum rice storage tank

Today, the park also serves as a venue for art exhibitions, performances and workshops (Dream Shop) that focus on teaching folk arts and indigenous handicrafts.

The 53-meter-tall chimney at the park used to be a landmark in Chiayi City. But it broke during the 921 earthquake, and now only 18.4 meters is left. Reference: 1. Ministry of culture (2016, May 28). Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park. Retrieved from 2. TAIWAN TODAY (2016, January 12). Chiayi cultural and creative park set for renovation. Retrieved from 3. Rick Charette (2017, July 28). Old Neighborhoods in CHIAYI CITY: Culture and History [TAIWAN EVERYTHING]. Retrieved from


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