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Let's go Fenqihu !

Take a look of Fenqihu Station,

the old steam locomotive and square bamboo.

While taking a stroll to Fenqihu Old Street, don’t forget to try some special snacks like train cake, Caozaiguo (草仔粿), iron eggs and ice jelly.

Itinerary content

(About 8-10 Hours)

Gathering at Fubon Bank.

Head for Fanqihu Old Street (奮起湖老街)

(Please contact with the driver if departure time is altered.)

Route 1:

The Old Steam Locomotive→Square Bamboo→Historic Station→Centennial Rhododendron→ Fenqihu Trail(About 60 minutes)

Route 2:

Lu Ding Giant Tree→The Shrine Ruins→ Fenqihu’s Cape of Good Hope →Logging Track(not recommend if it rains)→Green Bamboo Slope→ Fenqihu Giant Tree→Fenqihu Trail (About 90 minutes)

Route 3:

The Village Deity Temple→ Cryptomeria-like Taiwania Forest Trail→Fenqihu Trail (About 100 minutes)

Route 4:

Fen Tai Trail→Original Secrat Tree→Forest of Cloud and Mist→Gon-A-Kam Trail→ Fenqihu Hiking Trail (not recommend if it rains) (About 2 Hours)

Passing through Chukou Visitor Center(觸口遊客中心)

Chukou Niupuzi prairie(觸口牛埔仔草原)

Car Fare:

NT$ 3600 (Round Trip)

*For 1~6 people

*Excluded meals and tickets



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