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How to have fun in Alishan – Access for All in Alishan

After reading the article “How to have fun in Alishan — Go hiking”, would you like to go hiking with families or friends?

However, you’re still wondering if you’re in good physical strength or not.

Let’s give you some ideas to enjoy a tour and make good use of transportation in the park!

➣Tourist-Friendly minibus

To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the cars and scooters are banned in the park.

Therefore, the tourist-friendly minibuses are all electric cars.



【For reference only. More details please see Alishan Homepage】

There’re three lines in the park, Zhaoping Line(Blue Line), Xiangling Line(Red Line), Zhushan Line(Yellow Line), and you can ask for further information in each stop.

●Winter Service Time: Oct.~ Mar. 08:00A.M.~ 05:00 P.M.

●Summer Service Time: Apr. ~Sep. 08:00A.M.~ 06:00 P.M.

🔴Zhaoping Line(Blue Line)

Fare:One-way $60 /Round-trip $100

Departure:No fixed buses

Pick-up:Terminal Station, Visitor Center

Drop-off:Zhaoping Station

Nearby Attractions:Zhaoping Park, Alishan Eco-Education Center, Taiwan Pleione Formosa Story House, The Alishan Salamander Exhibit Hall

Barrier-Free Stairlifts in Alishan Eco-Education Center

Taiwan Pleione Formosa Story House

🔴Xiangling Line(Red Line)

Fare:One-way $60 /Round-trip $100

Departure:No fixed buses

Pick-up:terminal station, Visitor Center

Drop-off:Shouzhen Temple

Nearby Attractions :Shouzhen Temple, Xianglin Service Area, Sister Ponds

Sister Ponds

🔴Zhushan Line(Yellow Line)

Fare:One-way $150 /Round-trip $300

Departure:No fixed buses(Reference below)

Pick-up:Visitor Center, Zhaoping Station

Drop-off:Zhaoping Station, Duegayue Station, Zhushan Station

Nearby Attractions:Duegayue Trail, Zhushan Viewing Point, Mt. Ogasawara Point

Mt. Ogasawara Point is the best place to go sunrise and stargazing.

In addition, people who love stargazing can take the “ Zhushan Night Stargazing Line” to Zhushan.

Fare:Round-trip $300 only


Pick-up:Visitor Center

Drop-off:Zhushan Station

(*Only one bus per day. If the weather is bad, the bus will be canceled. )

Return time:21:00

Making reservation before 17:00 on the day you take the bus.(0800-263520)

【For reference only. More details please see Alishan Homepage】

➣Forest Railway

There’re four train stations in Alishan National Forest Recreation Area.

They’re respectively Alishan Station, Zhaoping Station, Sacred tree Station and Zhushan Station.

All the routes start from Alishan Station where there’re set up with barrier-free facilities.

(Accessible restroom and elevator)

Box Office at Alishan Station

🔴Timetable for Zhushan Line

Fare:Adult fare $150/Children fare $75

【For reference only. More details please see Alishan Homepage】

As sunrise time varies from every day and seasons, the departure of Zhushan line will be adjusted.

The actual departure time of Zhushan Line for the next day will be posted on the website, railway station, entrance of the Forest Recreational Area, and the Visitor Center around 16:00p.m. every day.

People can also check it out on the Alishan Homepage after 16:00p.m. (

Zhushan Station

🔴Timetable for Zhaoping Line

Fare:Adult fare $100/Children fare $50

【For reference only. More details please see Alishan Homepage】

Every March and April is cherry blossom season, do you know where is the best place to appreciate it?

Huge throngs gather in the Zhaoping Park to view cherry blossoms.

Zhoaping Park where you cannot miss is nearby Zhaoping Train Station if you’d like to take great photos with train and cherry blossoms.

Among Taiwan, the highest barrier-free sky trail is nearby the Zhaoping Station.

The sky trail is surrounded by cherry blossoms; therefore it’s also known as ”Cherry Blossom Trail” which is designed for people who are physically challenged.

Furthermore, along the “Alishan Poetry Road” are a lot of various kinds of poetry stone tablets with poems written by well-known poets in praise of Alishan.

Zhaoping Park

🔴Timetable for Sacred Tree Line

Fare:Adult fare $100/Children fare $50

【For reference only. More details please see Alishan Homepage】

Would you like to see the sacred tree?

So, let’s ride the Sacred tree line!

A Taiwan Red Cypress, The Alishan Sacred Tree, is about 3,000 years old.

It was found in 1906. However, it was stroke by thunder.

Now it has been put nearby the Sacred Station since 1998.

Although the towering tree fell down, there’re still abundant giant trees along the Giant Trees Plank Trail.

While you are strolling in the trail, you can figure them out.

Of all the giant trees, No.28 giant tree is the tallest and most aged giant tree.

Compared to the nature, human beings are so tiny in the world!!!!

The Alish

an Sacred Tree

★Besides the methods we mention above, we can drive inside the park as well.

Applying driving permission inside the park, and then fax the application to the Visitor Center (05-2679592).

Once the application is approved, you’re allowed to drive in specific roads in the park.

The handicapped ramps and barrier-free facilities are all set up in the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area.

People who want to know more can check it out on the Forest Bureau Homepage.

☏For more information please call 05-2679917


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