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Four Miracles of Fenqihu

How Fenqihu got the name?

Fenqihu, an ancient settlement in history, is situated at an altitude 1400 m. There is no lake in Fenqihu, but why it’s called Fenqihu? It’s surrounded by mountains on three sides and often embraced by mist and cloud. Therefore, it looks like Fenqi-shape (it means dustpan in Taiwanese) and a Hu (it means lake in Taiwanese) when you overlook it.

Square Bamboo

The bamboo branch is square, so it’s named after Square Bamboo. It originated from Sichuan(四川), then passed to Japan. During Japanese colonization, Japanese brought it to Taiwan. Now, you can see Square Bamboo in Fenqihu.

Rhododendron blooms whole year

Rhododendron usually blooms from April to June. However, it’s amazing that Rhododendron in Fenqihu blooms in each season.

The Temple of the Village Deity

There’s a tale about The Village Deity. Once a huge rock dropped down from the mountains, but it stopped by a giant tree next to the Temple of the Village Deity. It didn’t cause any harm to the residents. Therefore, people believe it’s the miracle of The Village Deity.


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