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Have Unforgettable Memories ​in Chiayi

For housekeeping (at least 7 days) For specialty (at least 10 days)
For proposal (days can be discussed)
Work hard, play hard. Passion for service, Not afraid of strangers. Be lively and kind, Be calm as well. The most important thing is to enjoy making new friends!
Recruitment Prerequisite
Over 20 years old, be responsible, diligent and willing to share story. P.S People who are neat and have foreign language skills or any special talents (e.g. photographing, video editing, painting or blogging) will be priority. Please email us the attachment with proposal.
Working time
Working 4-5 hours a day, one day off a week. P.S The report must be given before the end of the term when choose specialty as working holiday.

Option 1

  • Keep the rooms and environment neat, be willing to interact with travelers.

Option 2

  • Tourism Marketing: People who love hostel management, new site evaluation, tour guide plan and provide customized service are welcome to join our discussion team (over 3 years related working experiences).

  • Eat, drink and have fun in Chiayi (No matter with words, paintings, photos or video) ex. paint out the map about collection of Food in Chiayi or visit mysterious places in Chiayi.

  • Interior & Exterior design, Art design (website management, decorating, seal carving or sketch)

  • Short video shooting, interior & exterior portfolio or photo editing

  • Others

A Small Bliss After Working

Bike Rental for Free

Let you feel free to visit downtown in Chiayi.

Extra Travel Allowance

Work for each 10 days and can get extra travel allowance (NT$1000).


Irregularly cooking.

Working Holiday Form

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